Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Malaysia: 32nd Most Innovative Country

According to Global Innovation Index, Malaysia is ranked 32 out of 141 economies in the world. Malaysia is praised for providing conducive market sophistication and business sophistication. Ease of getting credit, conducive investment environment, and healthy trade and competition contributed to good scores for market sophistication. The availability of knowledge workers, and high knowledge absorption and adoption, has contributed to high scores for business sophistication.

However, institutions, infrastructure, and human capital and research have dragged down Malaysia's innovation ranking. There are only 715.4 researchers over a million population (rank 64).

Malaysia is also cited to have low creative output and low knowledge and technology output. Malaysia scored poorly in providing creative goods and service and involvement in online creativity. Only ICT business model creation and ICT organizational model creation provides good score.

Low knowledge and technology output is reflected by low patent activity and low output of scientific and technical articles. Hence, Malaysia has poor innovation efficiency (rank 84) due to low innovation output.

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