Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top 7 Luxury Brands

For 2010, there are 7 luxury brands that make it to the top 100 brands, evaluated by Interbrand. The rankings sorted according to brand value (USD billion):

1. Louis Vutton (21.9)
2. Gucci (8.3)
3. Hermes (4.8)
4. Tiffany & Co (4.1)
5. Cartier (4.1)
6. Georgio Armani (3.4)
7. Burberry (3.1)

Brand evaluation is based on earnings forecast. I was in Paris last October, and queued for 40 minutes to get into LV boutique. I was told that tourist can only make a single purchase as there are limited stocks available so that every visitor can leave Paris with a souvenir of LV.

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