Monday, January 10, 2011

Microsoft Loses in Uniloc Appeal, Gets Reappraisal For Damages

Microsoft Corp. has lost in an appeal against the overturning of a $388 million verdict in a patent case filed by Uniloc USA Inc. and Uniloc Singapore Private Ltd.
The appeals court reinstated the decision in favor of the companies.

However, it called for new trials to assess the amount of damages that the software giant will have to pay for the patent infringement.

The court said that the $388 million verdict was “fundamentally tainted by the use of a legally inadequate methodology.”

Uniloc has accused Microsoft of infringing its intellectual property concerning technology used in Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system and some programs in its Microsoft Office suite used to deter piracy.

The patent that the companies allege Microsoft of infringing belongs to Uniloc Singapore Private Ltd. and is exclusively licensed to Uniloc USA Inc.

The case, which says that Microsoft infringed on a patent filed by Uniloc’s Ric Richardson, has been first filed by Uniloc on 2003. - Social Barrel


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