Saturday, March 15, 2008

Malaysia increased PCT Filings in 2007

Malaysia experienced an increase in PCT applications from 60 applications in 2006 to 103 applications in 2007 according to WIPO. The applications refer to Malaysia residents or organizations who filed PCT phase 1 applications in Malaysia. Malaysians have increased awareness in patent filing by being a member of PCT since August 2006.

However, the number of applications are far from any of the top three patent filers. USA lead the pack with 52,000 applications. Next is Japan halve away with 28,000 applications. The third place goes to Germany with 18,000 applications. There are 156,000 filings for PCT in 2007.

The statistic noted increased filings in East Asia particularly Korea (7,000 at 4th place) and China (5,400 at 7th place).

Malaysia's neighbor, Singapore has 542 applications to become the top filer in South East Asia. Malaysia's population is more than five times the size of Singapore. However, Singapore has more than five times PCT filings than Malaysia. Malaysia is second in South East Asia.

The top three PCT applicants with published patents are Matsushita (2100), Phillips (2041) and Siemens (1,644). Huawei of China is 4th with 1365 applications published. Each top 50 applicants have more than 200 published patents.

The top three fields of PCT applications published in 2007 are telecommunications (10.5%), information technology (10.1%) and pharmaceuticals (9.3%) sectors.

WIPO News Release: LINK

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