Tuesday, June 2, 2009

SEAD Course

Was at Bangkok to attend SEAD, a workshop that emphasis practical work on patent drafting. The course is directed to teaching the art of drafting. Each lecture session is followed by an exercise, which is then discussed at a plenary session. By the end of a series of lecture, we were given four drafting exercises to work on over the following four months.

The tutors are David Carmichael from Australia, Dennis Drehkoff from USA, Karl Rackette from Germany, Simon Roberts from UK, and, Geoffrey Dekleine and Bob Hirons from Canada. We were exposed to drafting techniques used in various major jurisdictions. The course content is supported by FICPI Training and Education Commission.

This year there are 32 participants from all over South East Asia, including a participant each from Hong Kong, Denmark and India. Malaysia has 15 participants; the highest amount of participants in the course. There were a mix of patent practitioners, patent managers and lawyers in the course. Major IP organizations of Malaysia were represented at the course. Desmond Wee, the president of MIPA was at the course to promote MIPA membership to Malaysia delegates.

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