Monday, July 28, 2008

David Ho's Venture

David Ho's research on palm oil based ingredients resulted in an extracting process which he then patent. Then he set up Carotech Berhad in 1992 and the company was listed in Mesdaq on 2005 to capitalize on palm oil based phytonutrients. The manufacturing of phytonutrients was made utilizing specialized high vacuum low temperature distilation technology.

In an interview with the Star, David mentioned that Europe is its biggest market which accounts for 70% of sales which is backed by Europe's ambition for using biodiesel.

"Carotech has the technology that is not easily replicated by its rivals due to high level of research and development. It also enjoys its “early bird” status in the industry as barriers to entry to the phytonutrients and biodiesel industries are relatively high."

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