Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Patents for Computer Software

I was away to attend a Training on Patent Protection for Computer Software (May 5-12). The event was organized by MyIPO and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). The speaker is Hideyo Sato, a patent attorney and lecturer of Nihon University. Halve of the attendees are MyIPO patent examiners.

Japan is one of the industrialized country which actively develop their own patent law. Today they have a one and only unique patent law which rest on part of their constitution. Japan have their own interpretation on the laws of nature. Matters that doesn't need human intervention are considered to be law of nature.

The training covers the development of software industry and patent laws with regards to software. They actively develop their own software. It is natural that Japan wants to optimize protection for their home grown software. Examples of software patents, including business method in software was introduced. In Japan, business method is worded as part of a software invention incorporated in a hardware to automate information processing.

Everyone enjoyed the training and it was a good networking session. The training is an eye opener for me to learn Japan's perspective on patent laws.

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