Friday, June 9, 2017

10 Most Valuable Oil and Gas Brands

Brand Finance, a business valuation consultancy, have published their 2017 report on most valuable oil and gas brands. Here are the top 10 brands ranked:

1. Shell US$37 bil

2. Sinopec $30 bil

3. PetroChina $29 bil

4. Chevron $22 bil

5. ExxonMobil $21 bil

6. BP $19 bil

7. Total $19 bil

8. ENI $11 bil

9. Petronas $ 11 bil

10. Pemex $8 bil

Shell is the worlds's most valuable oil and gas brand for many years. They have operation in a number of countries. According to Brand Finance, its association with Ferrari continues to deliver returns, with a price premium.

Sinopec, in 2nd place, is planning an IPO of its retail business. Along with PetroChina at 3rd, Chinese brands are on the race to take the number one spot. Brand Finance predicted that both brands could easily overtake Shell in 2018 with growth of 47% and 43% this year.

Petronas manage to increase brand value up to 6% from value of $10 bil in 2016. Petronas was ranked 8th in 2016 gave way to Eni which leap frog from 10th position in 2016 to 8th position in 2017.

In 2013, I participated in IP valuation training by World Trade Institute and MyIPO. I learnt how to calculate the value of a brand from its activity.

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