Friday, June 9, 2017

10 Most Valuable Global Brands

Brand Finance, a business valuation consultancy, have published their 2017 report on most valuable global brands. Here are the top 10 brands ranked:

1. Google US$109 bil

2. Apple $107 bil

3. Amazon $106 bil

4. AT&T $87 bil

5. Microsoft $76 bil

6. Samsung $66 bil

7. Verizon $66 bil

8. Walmart $62 bil

9. Facebook $62 bil

10. ICBC $48 bil

Google have overtaken Apple as the most valuable brand. Google remains unchallenged in advertising income.

Apple was the most valuable brand for the past five years, according to the report. Apple's brand value have dropped due to unexciting new product launch such as Apple Watch. Apple and Samsung is also facing pressure from Chinese brands such as Huawei and Oneplus in the smartphone market.

Six out of the top ten brands are owned by technology companies: Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung and Facebook. These companies rely on their intellectual property to generate income. They are actively involved in generating more research and intellectual property to remain competitive. It is also clear to these companies that intellectual property is more valuable than physical property.

AT&T and Verizon are telecommunication companies that leverage and use technology. Walmart is the worlds largest physical retail store. ICBC is the worlds largest bank.

In 2013, I participated in IP valuation training by World Trade Institute and MyIPO. I learnt how to calculate the value of a brand from its activity.

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