Wednesday, November 7, 2007

National IP Day

National IP Day was launched by PM Abdullah on 27 April 2007. He expressed his hope that the patent office will speed up patent granting. "I believe that if the approval process could be simplified, more producers and innovators will be interested to apply for patents. This will enhance research commercialisation and subsequently, the country's innovative capability. Hence, Malaysians will one day be known as technology inventors rather than technology users only," he added.

PM Abdullah also wishes that the private sector make use of local innovations for commercialization. I will like to propose that the patent office set up an open database for prospective industries to view Malaysian patents. The database can serve as a marketing effort to promote Malaysia as a R&D hub. Advanced countries, including Singapore allows their patents to be viewed. I have prepared patent specifications for universities and research organizations. Most of the patents are good innovations. If the patents can be easily accessed than the commercialization effort can be intensified.