Thursday, November 12, 2015

Search for patents on your mobile

You can now conduct a patent search in the EPO's databases - the world's largest free collection of technical information - on the move, using your smartphone, as the EPO has added mobile beta versions of Espacenet and the European Patent Register to its small-screen optimised website,

Launched in 2014, the mobile website concentrates on the services and information that users told us they would need on the move.

The inclusion of patent search fulfils a key user requirement. In a recent online survey almost 70% of users said they would like a mobile version of Espacenet and nearly 60% said they would like the European Patent Register added to the mobile website.

We've made the search experience as similar as possible to the desktop versions, but the mobile version is leaner and more streamlined. We provide basic searches, which work like "Smart search", and advanced searches, where you can combine criteria.

There are some limits. Currently, we can display no more than 100 search results, but we do let you know that there are more so that you can refine your query to find those that are most relevant.

In terms of data, since we use Open Patent Services (OPS) in the background, the collection is large, but not quite as large as in Espacenet. However, all the data available in the desktop European Patent Register is also available via the mobile search. The amount of data you can download daily is subject to the same limits as in the desktop versions.-EPO

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