Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Coca-Cola Bottle Turns 100

See the Coca-Cola bottle's iconic shape lit in the darkness by a flaming red cap. Curves you’d recognize in the dark.

An epic tale about the creation of the Coca-Cola bottle, was narrated by a big brother to his younger sibling. The bottle travels through distant lands and curious settings, captivating the boy’s imagination. It is through this journey that the bottle obtains its unique features -- its iconic curves, its flutes and red ribbon - and gets filled with icy-cold Coca-Cola as it ends its ride back in the hands of the refreshed older brother.

The famous contour for Coca-Cola was created and patented in 1915 to thwart the efforts of copycats. The contour bottle is distinctive that it could be recognized in the dark or lying broken on the ground. Prior to the curve bottle, Coca-Cola bottlers used straight-sided bottles.

Note that design patent is used to protect the appearance of article in USA. Design patent is known as industrial design protection in Malaysia, South East Asia and Europe. After using the bottle and proving that the bottle is distinctive, the design is then protected as a trade mark.

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