Friday, April 19, 2013


WIPO, together with industry partners, has launched the pilot version of a new platform known as “WIPO GREEN”, which seeks to accelerate the development and deployment of green technologies, and thereby facilitate their global dissemination.

WIPO GREEN is designed to improve the knowledge of and access to existing green technologies (or environmentally sound technologies (ESTs)), and help in the search for solutions to specific climate change-related technology challenges, as well as providing additional marketing and partnership opportunities. It achieves this by matching the available technologies, know‑how and expertise of “technology providers” with the expressed needs of “technology seekers”, although its role does not extend to establishing specific agreements for technology transfer – this would be the subject of individually negotiated agreements between the parties concerned, allowing for greater flexibility in business decisions.

WIPO GREEN includes two components:

(1) The WIPO GREEN database which users can access to:
•make available their green technologies for licensing or partnership agreements;
•enter their technology needs;
•search for technologies and needs.

(2) The WIPO GREEN network to:
•obtain advice and services to assist transactions;
•connect with experts worldwide from industry, university, governments, intergovernmental organizations and non‑governmental organizations.

WIPO GREEN’s impact in terms of supporting the exchange and broad dissemination of ESTs hinges, to a great extent, on the active participation of stakeholders, which WIPO would like to encourage. The greater the number of users of the platform there are, the greater will be the chances of successfully matching technology providers with technology seekers to resolve environmental challenges. Please note that use of the WIPO GREEN platform is free of charge.

For further information on this new development, see the WIPO GREEN page on the WIPO website at:

as well as the article entitled “WIPO GREEN: Facilitating Dissemination of Green Technology” which was published in the June 2012 issue of the WIPO Magazine at:

It is recalled that WIPO has also developed the “IPC Green Inventory,” an on-line tool linked to the International Patent Classification (IPC) system to facilitate searches for patent information relating to ESTs. It is hyperlinked to the PATENTSCOPE Search System to automatically search and display all “green” international applications filed under the PCT. For further information on IPC Green Inventory, see PCT Newsletter No. 10/2010, page 9. - WIPO

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