Monday, August 27, 2012

The Apple-Samsung Verdict

The verdict of Apple-Samsung lawsuit is out and there are a lot of news report on the matter. Computing Forever made the following feedback on the verdict:

There are several patents in dispute including industrial design, known as design patent in the United States of America. For a list of patents involved, Wall Street Journal made a graphical list of patents involved in the infringement and the jury's vote over the corresponding products involvement in patent infringement.

Interestingly, Robert Scoble, an author and creator of the influential Scoblelizer blog, says paying out $1 billion to become a huge mobile force is a small price to pay for Samsung. He believes that RIM, Nokia, HTC and co won't mind spending that money if they can be in Samsung's currrent healthy mobile business position.

Is licensing a better way to introduce new products?

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