Thursday, June 28, 2012

MIPA 22nd AGM 2012

The 22nd Annual General Meeting of Malaysian Intellectual Property Association (MIPA) was held on 26th June 2012 at Royal Lake Club, Kuala Lumpur. Election was held and the new line up of office bearers and executive committee members are:

Peter Desmond Wee

Vice President
Dr Koshy Philip

Honorary secretary
Dennis BL Tan

Honorary treasurer
Robin Low

Executive committee members
Dr Chris Hemingway
Lee Lin Li
Lim Bee Yi
Naidu Appanan
Ong Boo Seng

I wish to express appreciation towards former MIPA exco for having confidence in me to pick up the position of honorary secretary. I will do my best to carry on the good work and legacy that you have created. I will be reachable and open to MIPA members for any feedback to improve the organization.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Caution over Copyright Notification for Computer Program

Malaysia has introduced a voluntary copyright notification system. Most of the literary and artistic work, such as song, article and picture, may be submitted as it is, to be deposited in the Register of Copyright.

Currently, there is no sui generis protection for computer program. According to WIPO, computer program is treated as literary works, as provided by the Berne Convention. Computer program executes instruction on a computer to achive a particular effect. Hence, the source code, which provides the instruction, instead of the program itself, is protected by copyright. A deposit of the source code shall be provided, for a person to claim copyright over the computer program.

However, any person may request to examine the Register. Some computer program contains source code which are treated as trade secret. If the source code contains trade secret, than the trade secret will be uncovered. Care should be taken, if copyright notification is required without compromising the trade secret of the computer program.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Launch of Voluntary Copyright Notification

Authors of creative work in Malaysia, rejoice! MyIPO has launched a voluntary copyright notification system for authors to submit their work, today 1 June 2012. The voluntary copyright notification system will allow authors to claim authorship over literary and artistic works which can be affixed to a physical or digital media. The list of work which can be submitted, which is not exhaustive include:

- novels, stories, books, pamphlets, manuscripts, poetical works
- plays, dramas, stage directions, film scenarios, scripts, choreographic works
- treatises, historical works, biographies, essays, articles, encyclopaedias, dictionaries
- computer programs, website, database, PowerPoint presentation
- graphic, photograph, sculpture, collage, work of architecture, work of craftsmanship
- musical works
- film
- sound recordings
- translations
- adaptations
- compilations

By allowing authors to claim a creative work as their original work, the authors may approach prospective clients with proof that the work is original. It is believed that this system will facilitate more transparency and credible transaction.

Most of the works may be submitted as it is, but special care must be exercised for audio visual work, computer programs, website and database.

The Regulations for forming a Copyright Licensing Body is also launched on the same day.