Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trade Marks (Amendment) Regulations 2011

Highlight of Trade Marks (Amendment) Regulations 2011
Enforcement date: 15 Feb 2011.

* Expedited examination
A means to expedite trademark examination is introduced. A request for expedited examination can be made within 4 months of the filling date if the Registrar is satisfied if the application is involved in one of the following criteria:
1. National or public interest
2. Infringement proceedings
3. Commercialized invention
4. Monetary benefits from the Government or recognized institutions

* Revised and new official fee
The official fees are revised upwards 40-50%. The new schedule of fees are available at

The amendment is only applicable for newly filed trademark and all registered trademarks.

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Stretch Marks said...

These regulations are taken very seriously such that regulations help to improve the nation by using these trademarks. So that is one of the great initiatives by the government.