Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Should 'Penang' be exclusively limited to the State Government?

The Star reported that the Penang state government has laid claim to the word 'Penang'. It is reported that Chief Minister Lim wants to avoid confusion that events carrying the Penang prefix is organized by the state government. The state wants every event which carries the 'Penang' prefix to be registered with the state government.

Private entities use the prefix Penang to indicate that it has a Penang origin. Events using the prefix Penang indicates that the event is being held in Penang. These are measures which indirectly boost 'Penang' as a brand.

Requiring the permission to use the prefix 'Penang' will limit the exposure and success of Penang brand.

Instead, the state should educate the public the use of the term 'Penang state government' and Penang state emblem to state supported events. Those who are found to abuse the term 'Penang state government' and Penang state emblem can be prosecuted by the state.

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