Friday, July 4, 2008

11 companies license Mimos technologies - The Star

Technologies that are developed at national applied research company Mimos will be turned into commercial products and applications by local companies. Close to a dozen companies have licensed key technology platforms from Mimos, the company said.

Datuk Abdul Wahab Abdullah , Mimos president and chief executive officer, said the purpose of the licensing programme was to transfer the technologies from Mimos’ laboratories to local companies. “The technology transfer process is critical for the country as the private sector joins the government to commercialise homegrown technologies,” Abdul Wahab said.

The applications licensed by Mimos are mostly semantic technologies — namely web portal, logistics, travel and medical applications, which were licensed to Alam Teknokrat Sdn Bhd, Biforst Technology Sdn Bhd, Bill Adam Associates Bhd and In-Fusion Solutions Sdn Bhd respectively. Semantic technologies enable more interactivity in processing information.

These semantic applications will provide a platform for computer applications to be meaning- and knowledge-based, Mimos said. Besides semantic technologies, Mimos has licensed other technologies such as a hybrid solution that combines WiFi, WiMAX and Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) technologies to Pernec Integrated Network Systems Sdn Bhd.

Additionally a grid computing solution was licensed to Jaring Communications Sdn Bhd. Mimos said it also licensed iDola (a PC-based mobile computing device for the education sector) to FTEC System Sdn Bhd, while Jen-ii (a PC-based computing device to bridge the digital divide) was awarded to Mimos Smart Computing Sdn Bhd.

The Science Technology and Innovation Ministry (Mosti) is in the midst of finalising other technology recipients, identified by Mimos, for the transfer of more Mimos technology platforms. However, Mimos declined to comment on the current technologies it is working on.

The 11 technology recipients were identified by Mosti. These companies only need to pay royalties to Mimos for the technologies, according to Abdul Wahab. He did not specify the exact amount.

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