Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shall Malaysia join Madrid Protocol?

On May 27, I attended a seminar on Madrid Protocol organized by MyIPO and WIPO. WIPO was kind to send Alan Datri of WIPO, Federico Guicciardidni of WIPO, Jonathan Clegg of FJ CLeveland (UK) and Louis Chan of IPOS (Singapore) to enlighten us on the benefits of joining Madrid Protocol.

Filing trademark in multiple countries involves multiple procedures, multiple languages, multiple currencies and multiple renewal operation.

Madrid protocol is a system of filing trademark registration in multiple countries. It provides a single procedure, single language, single currency and single renewal operation. It provides cost savings to trademark owner who intends to file trademark in multiple countries. However, Malaysia is not a member of Madrid Protocol.

The event was officiated by the Director General of MyIPO. By joining Madrid protocol, he mentioned that emphasis will be given to national interest to allow our home grown brand to have easy access into the world market.

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Anonymous said...

It really is about time. This post is long ago written, and still no developments for Malaysia joining the protocol?!