Thursday, February 28, 2008

Choosing a Brand

There are various ways to choose a brand for your product. From my observation, some of the time tested methods that make a good name are:

1) Easy to remember and spell
2) Requires least explanation
3) Describes product benefit (customer experience)
4) No more than three syllable
5) It's fun to say

It may optionally start with a strong consonant such as B, C, D, G, K, P, Q, T

However, not every brand is eligible to be a registered trademark. A trademark shouldn't describe the product concerned. For example, if you are selling food you can't trademark 'Delicious' which describes the product. Let's review how some companies get their brand:

1) Microsoft comes from the word MICROcomputer SOFTware. The mark is distinctive.
2) HP comes from the founding partners of Hewlett and Packard.
3) Apple for computers is distinctive because it is the name of a fruit (not related to computers)

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