Wednesday, August 22, 2007

50th National Day

Malaysia celebrates fifty years of independence on 31 August 2007. There are numerous songs composed to celebrate our sentiments towards national day. Lyrics and events are listed on:

Of all the songs listed, I love '31 Ogos' the best. The classic was sung by Sudirman, one of the best singers in Asia.

I will be joining a 1400 person mammoth performance at night on August 31st. It will be broad casted live on national tv.

To Market Local Research

In our Ninth Malaysian Plan, our efforts to elevate our human capital has seen huge fundings of research and development of up to RM5 billion in our local institution of higher learning. Most of the research are shown in local exhibitions such as National IP Day (HHIN), ITEX, Pecipta and MTE. I have been to most of the exhibitions to find happy and proud inventors.

It is a dream for inventors to find their inventions in market. Hence, the research and invention findings need to gain exposure. UKM and UPM have make use of the internet to expose their research on the following website:

I appreciate UPMs commitment in highlighting their patents on their website. It is a common practice for patent office to highlight their countries patent activities by publishing their patents on the internet. However, our MYIPO has a restriction on online patent search. It is a deadly blow to our local research scene because we have bright research and inventions without adequate exposure to the world. I hope MYIPO can remove the restriction to allow our research and inventions to be exposed to the world.

Genuine Effort to Combat Video Piracy

Do Malaysians support video piracy? The following video advertisement shows a new perspective of Malaysians towards video piracy.

Pecipta Shows Hidden Treasures of Malaysian Universities

On 10-12 Aug 2007, twenty three local institutions showcased more than 500 inventions in Pecipta, an exposition of research and inventions of institutions of higher learnings. It shows the keen interest of local institutions in innovating their way from a teaching university to a research university.

Congratulations to USM for bagging five gold medals to top the medal award. Some of the notable inventions are a herbal based anti malaria product and a DNA kit for rapid detection of cholera

I am from USM.